Tasting Menu
Steamed lobster on crispy waffle with fennel and paprika cream
puntarelle salad and tomato confit

Seared octopus on Luciana sauce
black olive soft bread broccoli and mandarin mayonnaise

Smoked artichoke risotto
with orange flavored salmon
olives and marinated Tropea onions

Linguine with lemon scented scorpion fish
roe fish and sundried tomato

Seabass fillet flavored with lemon potato
nocerino onion and crunchy vegetables

Creamy lemon dessert
with a froth of limoncello

Land and Territory
Buffalo mozzarella with local vegetables

Tacos filled with stew beef
vegetables and capers mayonnaise

Riso carnaroli with escarole cream
capers, olives and ginger mayonnaise

Dumpling on neapolitan rag├╣
basil pesto and ricotta cheese sauce

Beef cheek in Barolo wine on celeriac cream
cheese mozzarella reduction and chilli jam

Wild strawberry tart with foam of meringue
orange sauce and limoncello ice-cream

I Trust You
Tasting of 5 creations chosen by chef Peppe
An interpretation of his emotions and your preferences

Grand Tasting
Tasting of 10 creations chosen by chef Peppe
Wine Paring
Proposal of 6 glasses chosen by our Sommelier


  Cereals containing gluten or by-products
  Crustaceans or by-products
  Eggs or by-products
  Fish or products based on fish
  Peanuts or peanut-based products
  Soy or soy-based products
  Milk or dairy products (lactose included)
  Fruits in shell or their by-products
  Celery or products based on celery
  Mustard or mustard-based products
  Sesame seeds or sesame seeds-based products
  Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
  Lupine or lupine-based products
  Molluscs or products based on molluscs
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